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Warcat Parade: The corrosive post-mortem.

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Warcat Parade: The corrosive post-mortem.

Hello, the Mosh Pit. Let’s start with a good new: the development of Warcat Parade is now ended!


What is going to happen now?

Well, the game development has reached the Early Access version. Warcat Parade is now playable on both Windows and Linux – I can make a Mac version but I won’t be able to playtest it. Also, the game is upgradable. For example, the introduction scene is a bit blank and could be more lively. Also, the game only runs with a reoslution of 1920 per 1080. If a gamer use another resolution, game will act weirdly.

I have napalm to spit.

You know, people tend to say I become too coldhearted when I am being too honest. So, first things first, what I have to say won’t please you. Let me straightforward, even if I founded my company blah blah blah, you know what? I am anarchist and I perfectly assume that. I hate modern society, in fact, there are a million things I have in modern world.

Too many persons tried to bury me alive, not once, not even twice. And I am not talking about the viper who kicked me out of my own home when I was only 17. I am not talking about this stupid girl who squatted my house and almost aborted Warcat Parade. In fact, i was also a victim of bullying at school. I won’t detail, but clearly, things went really too far on my side. I didn’t get a lot of love and benevolence from my so-claimed friends. They didn’t have time to support me but they had way more when they wanted to crush me. If you read these lines, fuck you all. Also, I show no respect towards my professional network, smiling in front of you and backstabbing you from behind. Yes I know why you are all acting like that. Because I am not just autist. I am a delinquant autist.

If you read these lines, you perfectly now who you are. To all of you who tried to bury me, and then yelling some feminist / BLM pamphlets, let me tell you : the capitalist system is racist and sexist but you’re even more trashy than the system itself. I am HIP autist, yeah I already told that. No one gave me a chance so I kicked the fate myself. Absolutely no one: patrons, associations, so-called inclusive and benevolent places. In the end, I am just a corrida buffalo. The red cape is my mental health. And guess who is the torero? Yeah, that’s you. With your shitty promises, your shitty hypocrysy and your shitty attitude as spikes on my back. I hate you all. And if you think for a second I am talking about you, step back cause it’s probably true.

Nekopunk - photo par FOKUZA
Photo by Perplexer – #FOKUZA – https://www.fokuza.fr

To all those who believed in me, and I know you are here, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My victory is yours. Even tho I can only thank myself for my victory, I thank the few who believed in me, particularely Charlotte who made me some promo ^_^. To anyone else trying to make me fall or trying to tame the savage Nekopunk I am, feel free to try. Make me stress. But let me warn you. I am stronger than you think and I already have the finger on the trigger.


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