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Warcat Parade is nyaning its way to Steam!

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Warcat Parade is nyaning its way to Steam!

Welcome, good neko people ! As you might see, I remade the art design of the whole website and now he is way more attractive than before. Therefore, say goodbye to the sad black background. Sand now, hold on, I have fantastic news to announce !

Warcat Parade is nyaning its way to Steam !

Before anything else, here is the link to the game so you can check it. Also, please do not forget to add my game to your wishlist ! Even if you don’t plan to purchase it, it is really a great help for me ! Just to get a place in the algorithm!

Here is the link : https://store.steampowered.com/app/2885960/Warcat_Parade/

Also, here are the milestone dates so you can imagine where it goes !

2024, March 27th, a demo will be free to download on Steam.
2024, June 24th, the full game will be released and you’ll be able to purchase it!
2024, July 3rd, the soundtrack will be available and you’ll also be able to purchase it!

Warcat Parade on Steam!
Warcat Parade on Steam!

I am speechless. I don’t know what to say. I am just speechless. I did it. Finally. I really did it. Three years of hard work ? Three hellish years. No matter what life threw at my face, I managed to finish the development of the game. But is it really the end ? Of course nope ! I plan to make some iterations !

The future has something in store for you !

Those of you who follow me for a while already know it. I plan to switch from Unity Engine to Godot Engine. Warcat Parade has been developed with Unity, but recently, I have troubles to trust them. However, before doing the transition, I would like to get profit of the Steap API. I already added the famous achievements ! Now, I have to add the famous leaderboard. Who will get the hi-score ? Who will finish the game ? Get ready to compete ! Yataa !

And to check the Hafkasounds page of Warcat Parade, you just have to click here !


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