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Warcat Parade : devlog 2023 / 11 / 08

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Warcat Parade : devlog 2023 / 11 / 08

Hi, good boys and girls!

First of all, I have a good new. The development of Warcat Parade is not standbyed anymore! And trust me, that’s a very pleasant new to announce. I am developing the game with Unity. Those of you who work in the game industru sector know what am I talking about. Mid-September, the Unity team made a really big mistake, which triggered a world wide revolt from dev studio, from AAA to indies. Good thing, we got heard and they removed the mentionel update!

El Toro Del Sol
El toro!

This is the first boss. I removed the somewhat-viper, it was really really ugly. Instead, I made this bull. That’s more in the thematic of the game!

So, about Warcat Parade!

First of all, I made a tutorial. Yippee!

A tutorial for Warcat Parade!
A tutorial for Warcat Parade!

Every game needs a tutorial. I made a sort of a manual, in both English and French. And it works pretty well! Well, actually, this is something basic to do, I would have questioned my place in this industry if I was unable to to something that simple.

What I need to do next?

Well, since this is my first long-time project, I will repeat it once again. I know this looks like a carbon copy of Touhou Project. However, in order to make clear progress and to not do something stupid, I have to work like that prior to try to look for originality. Therefore, the game consists of 6 levels. I already made 5 of them.

For the sixth level, I still need to make the background. The final boss has already been programed. I will also need to make the ending scene that has already been prototyped.

Then, I will need to chase every single bug in the game. I will also need to lower the overall difficulty.

Estimated release date?

I hope I’ll be able to release something before Christmas >_<. But hey, everyone knows that the development of a video game is always longer than we think in the first place. It all started in October 2021. I am almost here.

Almost, here…

Screenshot de Warcat Parade

The first goal is to release the game on itch.io, especially on my dev profile. The second goal will be to release the game on Steam. That will be a great step forward. Let’s keep fingers crossed!

Thanks for reading this article! Have a nice day hardcore gamers!


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