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Sooo let’s start the blog.

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Sooo let’s start the blog.

Nyan this is the first article!

Hello, Hefka here.

I guess every spammers will try to spam the website here. No offense, but if you try to ruin this website, you’re not welcome here. Go back to a challenge website and never come back here again.

The website has been revamped so this article is a bit obsolete. Also, this was originally a test article and a bait for the reasons mentioned just above. Please don’t mind! If you want better qualitative content, you should head to the main website!

I restarted the development of Warcat Parade. Cool, eh. I know most of my network is located in my native country, France, however, I decided to go English for the main website. Nothing personal! What you see just below is “La Mort En Blanc” (Death in White), a boss for Warcat Parade. The fourth one, actually. I might redraw it in the future, cause there are some weird stuff that disturb me with it. If you want to know what the heck is Warcat Parade, you can go on itch! As for me, I’ll leave you right here and move to another topic!

Death in white

This animation has been made with Aseprite, in 4 frames. It took me a while case I’m not yet really experimented. This is highly probable I’ll draw something better in the future. But for now, I am actually exhausted by the heat wave hitting my town.

The development of Warcat Parade is going well. This is summer around here, the weather is really hot. Aaaand no rest for the wicked! Okay, I hope you’re going well. I’m thirsty and sick. i’m tired and thirsty. I never loved water more than this summer. Nyan, nyan! See you later and stay hydrated, pals!


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