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Sea, sun, but we're still in February!

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Sea, sun, but we’re still in February!

What a weird January month is was. I feel like this ichigatsu lasted for 365 days. However, let’s not talk about this anymore and move to another subject.

Hey, the mosh pit, my little catboys and catgirls, how are you today ? Since I was talking about the January month, this is true that I wasn’t that active when it comes to work. Let’s also say I was other things to urgely do, fix this and that, it drained all my stamina. By the way, all I did is to make a single track… And no pixel art. Did I say no pixel art ? Well, in fact, I made some Work In Progress, but nothing has been finalized.

Let’s be honest : that’s not that harsh. We’ll never repeat it enough : health first, work later ! Also, i have a lot of soft talk to do, in case you’re interested.

First things first, I tried the JLPT5 test

No need to worry ! It was indeed an official test, but it was just just for testing purposes – no pun intended. The goal was to know precisely where I am going with my practice of the Japanese langage. What you need to know is that the official JLPT tests are lasting around two hours and are way more difficult than the small test of Busuu. These ones are easy and lasts fifteen minutes. In fact, you have a part « Knowledge of the langage, grammar », another part « Written understanding » and another part « Oral understanding ». There is 180 questions, you need 80 correst answers to pass. I ended with a score of 81, It was really short. I have to admit it : I took the test a bit too lightly and I was not in my best mood. So I will need to study harder for 2024.

Kanji of love
“Eee? I thought it was the kanji of Gaara”

Because, yep, it will be a year dedicated to practice and perfect

Did I write, a bit sooner, that I did not draw a single pixel art during all this January month ? Well, at least this issue is fixed, nyan ! Here comes the first pixel art of the year. I don’t know how did I come with this idea, but have a summerly pixel art. Onto a canvas of 64 pixels per side, I drew a beach, sea and a sand castle. However, that’s an animated picture, a GIF! The sea goes back and forth and the sand castle are regularely assaulted by water splashs! This is still a bit childish but at least it starts to look like something. Of course, there is a long road to go before I can call myself a « pixel art expert ».

Pixel art animation of splaaaaaash!

Don’t overdo it !

Well, Saturday February 3rd, I went to a Metal show, at Paloma, at Nîmes. I saw La Scandaleuse, Baku, Gravity and Uncomfortable Knowledge. It was my first Metal show since… Years ! And I spent a lot of time in the pogos. And since this has nothing to do with the rest of the article, I’d just say : « I like trains ! »


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