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Red labyrinth on a white background

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Red labyrinth on a white background

Hi, good boys and girls!

Hefka here. How is your day? You know, I always loved to draw mazes. Back them, I used to draw labyrinths by hand. It was a long while ago. Since I started to work in front a computer, I became a bit lazy or so I think. Well, time to get back to my roots.

My red labyrinth drawn on a white background, you can solve it and I drew it with Aseprite. My red labyrinth on a white background, it’s so square and beautiful did you know? I even made a making of. My red labyrinth drawn on a white background, it’s so awesome so this article is already finished.


Well well, that’s what I wanted to say, but I’m mandatory forced to make a decent article. What’s boring me is, I already told you everything. So what could I say now? Well, I am making pixel art. I learned the hard way, with a tutorial on Udemy, hold by Mislav, that I strongly recommend to everyone. If I decided to record myself with OBS Studio while I was making the maze, it was mostly cause I was, and I am still worried about some stuff about artificial intelligence.

Labyrinthe en cercle rouge

For a human, it might be hard to draw a decent maze. However, for a computer, it’s way more simple. That indicate a problematic. What’s the point to spend days to draw something if a computer can generate content in a matter of seconds? And if I don’t record myself, how can I prove I actually drew the labyrinth? We need to learn to adapt. Whatever your opinion about artificial intelligence, it exists and both you and me have to deal with it.

By the way, did I say that my circle labyrinthe was square? Yes, yes I did. Good luck to solve it!


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