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Pixel Cover – Billy Ze Kick Et Les Gamins En Folie (1993)

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Pixel Cover – Billy Ze Kick Et Les Gamins En Folie (1993)

Hello, good boys and girls!

So you like music, eh? Of course you do. However, before I start talking about my pixel art, let’s point something harsh.

I didn’t make pixel art for a while >_<

If you were born in France and during the 90s, this is highly probable you heard about “Billy Ze Kick Et Les Gamins En Folie” (Billy Ze Kick And The mad Kids). If you don’t know what am i talking about, you will know it by the end of this article!

Pixel cover of "Billy ze Kick et les Gamins en Folie", made my myself!

They got remembered for music that sounded like childish music. However, it also talked about adult topics, such as mushrooms and drugs ><. This was a Reggae/Rock band.

I made this pixel cover with Aseprite! Actually, it was not that hard to redraw the cover. There are just a lot of details, but nothing impossible. Dimension of the canvas : 256 per 256 pixels. I wanted to make it smaller but there are too much details so I had to deal with a greater canvas.

My sister, from the X generation, was listening to this band while I was just six years old and born in the Y generation. Oh dear I’m so old now. It was fun and games until we all realized it was talking about serious topics, such as drugs and mushrooms. It was a Reggae/Rock band from Brittany.

The first release was so cool, it was anarchy before anarchy became a thing. I’m way less fond of the second release, way too ordered and clean to my taste.

Pixel art!

Actually, crafting a fanart of something is a great exercice. If you would like to check my other pixel art, you can do it by checking this link. This is the first time I am doing a fanart of a music album cover. Pixel art is mostly something square. It doesn’t look impressive, but the cover of “Billy Ze Kick et les Gamins en Folie” is clearly detailed and messy. I had to deal with it and even if I managed to make something, I will probably progress further in the future. If you have pro-tip to give me, give me pro-tip! I love pro-tips. Pro-tips are yummy.


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