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Pixel Art

Welcome to this section of the website where I put some of my drawings!

Touhou drawing – the timelapse!

I show gratitude for the Udemy tutorial of Mislav, which allowed me to understand how to make better pixel art! The video above is a timelapse of me drawing characters from Touhou Project, in speed 32x. All these characters have bee drawn in 32 per 32 pixels. All my drawings have been made with the software Aseprite, an excellent software to draw pixel art.

All these drawings are mine, unless these are fanart! For fanart, I always specify the original creator! Don’t be a thief!

Cirntember – September 2023

I’ll post all my drawings from Cirntember 2023 here.

The Cirntember is a drawing challenge where I have to draw a picture of Cirno per day from 1st to 30th September. I took that as an opportunity to sharpen my pixel art skills!

The early pixel arts

For example, this piece just above is a fanart of Touhou Project, made by ZUN! I draw some of them in 32 per 32 pixels each. These are Reimu Hakurei, Curno, Sakuya Izayoi, Youmu Konpaku, Suika Ibuki, Daiyousei, Rumia, Yuyuko Saigyoujin Aya Shameimaru, Remilia Scarlett, Patchouli Knowledge and Flandre Scarlett.

When I am typing these lines, I am following a tutorial to draw better pixel art. Here is a small walking catboy animation in 8 frames.

Two top-down sceneries in pixel-art! This was an exercice to draw tilesets.

This is a detail of a larger piece!

Some more fanarts! On the left, here is Chocola from the visual novel NekoPara. On the right, here is a Punk version of Cirno, the ice fairy from Touhou Project.

Some older drawings. Here is Reimu hakurei from Touhou Project. On the right, this is a gift for a friend. Of course, this is a cake and this one is not a lie.

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