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Not Here To Play - Alt Dark Techno Metal!

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“Not Here To Play”, a random Alt-Dark-Techno-Metal track for today.

Hi, good boys and girls!

So, first things first. This year starts in a totally chaotic way for me, and not only for me. I won’t detail here, but I had it rough and I couldn’t do anything about work or I don’t know. That’s why there were no news around here for a while.

“Not Here To Play”

This is Alt-Dark-Techno-Metal. I’m not here to play and so that’s the title of my newest track. I didn’t want to post it on YouTube for some reasons, so I’ll just post the video right here. Seriously, what the heck happened to Internet? I might sound like a boomer but trust me, I was born in 1988 and I am lolling around the virtual world since 2004. It was all fun and games until… I won’t finish my sentance. Even YouTube falled into darkness and capitalism.

I’m an artist, not a content creator, f*** you.

Everything has to been done, bought and sold. I wonder what the heck am I doing here. Even Instagram disgusts me. Some monthes ago, it was possible to make 15 likes with the right tags and the right techniques. Now, I can’t even manage to get 2 likes per post. What is even the purpose to make art? Oh, and by the way, what is “art”, when we are just talking about “content creator” nowadays?

I don’t know. This world is a messed up place and I’m pretty certain I don’t belong here. Well, take care of you and of your health. And of your nerves and of your money. Everyone is hungry, everyone is tired, everyone wants to remake the world. I’m sick. I’m tired. I’m upset. But more than all, I have a burning passion in my heart and I won’t sell it for fifty bucks, whatever you like it or not.

Cover de Äefyekaaos

Total off-topic

I passed the A2 level test of Japanese on Busuu. I’m happy with that. Yey.


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