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My plans for 2024

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My plans for 2024


I’m not in the mood to work these times. I have too many games to play and to finish. You know, working in the video game industry is kind of frustrating. Once the day is over, you can barely enjoy a video game and you get upset for every single bug or lag.

Now I’m done with the development of Warcat Parade, the nekopunk is resting and that’s that. I can tidy and organize my workspace. I am usually found with my nekomimi during conventions in the Southern France – when I say “usually”, that means “when there are any in my geographic zone”. Last one was Ceven Geek Week, which took place in Méjannes-les-Alès. It is fun to dance with Dina, the olympic champion of Just Dance.

Ils sont beaux mes bracelets

So, I earned the strap on Bang Bang Bang, from BigBang, and another one I gave away on Rock’n Roll, from Skrillex. I was still in my nekopunk outfit.

J'suis un Nekopunk !

This year would have been weird from the very beginning to the very end. Let’s call that a year of transition. I should take note of every good thing that has happened, it will help me to digest the tempest. Ceven Geek Week was cool, Japan Touch Haru was less because of a certain drama. Also, when you own a stand, you can’t enjoy the convention. That’s not the same. I didn’t pay anythong but that’s the only advantage. I’m still upset against what was once my professional network. Video game industry is really toxic, eh.

Mon portrait, par sui_9w9

This is a manga drawing of me, drawn by sui_9w9 on instagram. She had a stand and I took part on a drawing contest. I didn’t win but it was cool! I drew Pirilika from Disgaea and Cirno from Touhou. What’s up next?

Détente avec Crunchyroll !

I always lived with the imposter syndrome. Even in conventions, I’m not in my element. By reflex, I reject everything that tend to be over-rated. That started when I was a Die-Hard Metalhead and couldn’t stand Nightwish, despite my love for Finland. When I’m in convention, it’s easy to talk of Demon Slayer and My Hero Academia, however, talk about Touhou Project and no one is here.

So !

I’m trying to fix my lack of culture. First things first, I am studying Japanese and I try to be more regular : one lesson per day keep the amnesia away! The, I have to watch more anime and I have to read more manga. That shouldn’t be hard. I have reflex to take for 2024 : eat less junk food, move less. With my ADHD, that promises to me hilarious.

Therefore, I am getting more and more interested into cosplay, but I’m not sure where should I start so I am starting with Reimu Hakurei. So no one will recognize because everybody is too busy with Genshin Impact. I already have the outfit. I crafter the amulet and the talismans, all that remains is the wig and the shoes. My agenda will be light for 2024, so it will leave me time to craft and be more manual. Let’s craft!


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