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My audio packs!

My audio packs!

Hefka, The Chiptune NekoPunk
The Chiptune Nekopunk

8Bit Hi-Tempo Music Pack

A small preview of what you can expect!

What is this?

Soooo here is the first paid audio pack from me I leave at the disposition to indie developers and video games studios! Here at Hefka Games, we know this is not easy peast to make an OST when we’re focused on development. This is time-eating, one needs a long moment to get thought tutorials, then money to buy the softwares, even the wardwares, and a lot of time and motivation. Well well, if that rings a bell to you, I got you covered!

I know a lot of studios lacks of money and time to make an original soundtrack or to hire a sound designer. To reply to this problem, I am selling a chiptune music pack!

This is the first pack I am selling with the cooperation of Gotcha Gotcha Games. It contains a grand total of sixteen tracks with a hi-tempo. For the retro nerds, these tracks follows the sound chip of the Nintendo Entertainment System, also called FAmicom in Japan. You’ll find battle themes, angry musics, anxiety-generator tracks and speedy tracks!

Hey, I want this pack!

Interested? Whether you use Unity or RPG Maker, just click the link below to purchase the pack!

Unity Asset Store

RPG Maker MV

RPG Maker MZ

If you want me to compose the OST of your game!

That will be a pleasure! Contact me! You can send me a direct message on any of my social networks, commenting on any post! Then, we will be able to talk by email! (I already got spammed a lot of times, therefore I don’t send my email address publicly !)

Also, you can check my music here.

Hefka Games

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