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Massive update for Warcat Parade !

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Massive update for Warcat Parade ! Will it make its way to Steam ?

Greeting, you nekos ! You’re all adorable, you know what ? All of you ! Well, of course, it doesn’t include people who scam random people all over the internet and try too hard to be official companies. These persons are not adorable at all and I know you exist. The whole world knows you exist. Sad but true, I am actually a victim of a scam. I won’t detail further, but the bad news stop right here.

Physical items are coming !

What do physical items and the scam have in common ? That will be the point of my transition. Actually, I wanted to print badges to make merchandising. I firstly purchased a pack of badges from an official company, sponsored by Google. Spoiler alert, it was a scam. Morality, not because it’s official doesn’t mean it’s secure and trustworthy.


Therefore, from now one, my prints will be done by Vista Print and no one else. At least, they don’t deceive. What is this merchandising, you might ask ? Here you go : marvelous square badges ! Purchase a pack of these marvelous badges and show your love towards catboys! It should be available from March and you will have to get speedy, cause only 10 packs of 5 will be for sale !

Let’s talk about our catboy ><

I let Warcat Parade sleep on purpose during one month and a half. Firstly, January month has been dreadful. Secondly, I needed some rest to have a clearer vision of my project. Guess what ? A massive update is coming on itch !

First of all, I totally revamped the introduction scene. However, the first version of this revamp was full of typos. Luckily, I got help from a good friend – I am waiting for his/her approval to credit this person.

Warcat Parade, l’intro est retapée !

Then, I also revamped the GUI of the game. Until now, the playground was on the left side of the screen and the informations were located on the right side. A design I shamelessly plagiarized on Touhou Project, by the way. So it’s time to fly with my own wing now. I needed to recode some stuff and to remake a brand new design and brand new assets, however I love how it turned out !

Read the friendly manual, else the game will harass you to read it, damn it ! You won’t get thought, har har har !

Now, let’s talk about the game itself. I started what is called « post-prod ». So I added some particles. It add juice to the game for free ! On the other hand, it could make the whole thing laggy, so I also added an option to toggle them off. Speaking of juice ! When an enemy is dying, it goes kaboom ! I also added some SFX.

Warcat Parade, la version 2.0 est sur les rails !
Warcat Parade 2.0 is coming !

Oh, by the way ! The « black cat » game style was really underpowered… Therefore, I massively buffed it ! First of all, its max power cap has been increased. Secondly, now it shoots an additional powerful red square you can aim when you move the catboy ! A powerful new attack, but be careful ! Don’t forget there are bullets around you !

Gamers, I listened to you !

Many people suggested me to do something when the player doesn’t shoot. When you shoot, you shoot and that’s cool, but when you don’t shoot, you shouldn’t be useless. Therefore, I added the « magnet » system. When you don’t shoot for one second, you attract pickups from a wider range. When you don’t shoot for four seconds, this range becomes even wider ! That’s an expert move for hardcore gamers who are aiming for hi-scores.

And more stuff are coming !

Okay, that’s all nekos ! I promise the next update will be massive ! It will be available on itch soon.

And Steam ?

Be patient ! It should come for 2024. I want to improve the game as much as I can before launching the game on Steam !

Free hugs !

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