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I am still learning Japanese!

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Hey, I’m still learning Japanese!

Hi, my lovely neko !

I do hope you’re doing well ! I have troubles to realize that we’re already in February. In my hear we’re still stuck in 2023. Just let it sink. In case you’re brand new on this website, I would like you to check this website in a deeper level ! This is my artistic and videoludic portfolio. At some point I will also sell my services as a sound designer and as a pixel artist. This is already possible to commission me on my ko-fi, however, this option is actually mussing on this website.

So, this post will be a break time and will contrast with the rest. So we will do a bit of soft talk, and to do so, I’ll talk about one of my multiple passions : Japan and Japanese langage. In fact, I was raised with famous video game franchises, such as Pokémon and Final Fantasy, therefore, at some point I had to take part of some conventions, here and there in the Southern France. And, furthermore, to learn Japanese langage.

« Hey, me too, I want to learn Japanese ! »

If this is what you are thinking in front of your screen, I have news for you. The hardest part is to start. There are plenty of applications, books, websites to start with. It’s up to you to find which method is the best for you. Firstly, you will learn hiragana, katakana (for mannekineko sake, banish romaji as soon as possible !)

The main goal of this post is not to give you a lesson – it would just do even more concurrence to a competitive sector. I’ll talk about the method I have tested. However, keep in mind these opinions are just my impressions. We’re all different, and one more time : it’s up to you to find what method is the best for you !

Learn Japanese to Survive : There are video games developed by Sad Panda, with RPG Maker. I started like that and I was surprised in a good manner. That’s also a proof video games can be educative, even within the Role Playing Game genre.

Kawaii Nihongo : An app for Android. Nice, but quickly limited.

Duolingo : I don’t like this app. However, this is wordly famous so, why not.

Busuu : Paid app, but with no ads. This is actually the app I use daily to practice my grammar. The app also allows you to study kanjo, but that’s pretty confusing. That’s why I combine Busuu with…

Kanji Study : As you would have probably guessed it, Kanji study allows you to study kanjI ? A paid app with no ads and no subscription ! This app is focused on kanji and you will have to draw kanji by memory ! How nice !

Tagaini Jisho : Another free app with no ads for desktop computers. Also, it works on Linux ! Long life the free world ! However, this app won’t guide you, so I hope you have discipline.

Tagaini Jisho, to learn Japanese!
Tagaini Jisho wa kakkoii desu

I started to study Japanes emany years ago and apparently, I have the A2 level right now (well, actually, I don’t really know how this is calculated, but just let it be). Actually, I am learning the lyrics of a nice music, « Paprika » from Foorin. What is a better method to write the lyrics by hand ?

That’s so childishly kawaii !


“Raaa-ruuu-raaa-riii-raaaaaaa !”

Are you planning to visit Japan ? Are you learning a langage ? Start the conversation, comments are here for that !

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