Warcat Parade (currently in active development)

Check the game in itch with this awesome lovely widget, nyan!

Warcat Parade, that's a bullet hell which is a ripoff of Touh... *ahem* I mean, that's a bullet hell taking place in a post-apocalyptic Nîmes, where mankind extincted. Now, there is worse.

Play as a Neko and wreck havoc upon your foes to free your family. Oh and by the way, make a stop to the total war!

Picture in game of Warcat Parade
Boss battle within deserted Stade des Costières, lol!
Picture in game of Warcat Parade

Game coming soon, hopefully for 2023.

I am also a jammer!

I took place in various game jams and I even won few of them! Here is a non-exhaustive list of all games I made, both solo and teamed! All these links lead to itch.io