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Warcat Parade

Warcat Parade

Catboy going pew pew pew!
Warcat Parade banner

Warcat Parade, that’s a bullet hell featuring a catboy in a pixel art town with chiptune music! Okay, I set all the keywords in less than three lines, can I leave this page by and rest now, nyan? I’m tired. No? Oh well, I’ll try to set some content because I can, then. And you can also have some pictures along the way!

A picture from Warcat Parade

Nyan, nyan, pew-pew-pew, that’s the way you go in Warcat Parade! This is my first “real game”, excluding the ones I made for practice purpose. I don’t deny Neko Ex Machina, but it was way too ugly and hard because I was just discovering the video game industry. Years later, I made Last Neko, a bullet hell made within three weeks for a game jam. The idea of developing Warcat Parade was born like that: to make a massive improvement of Last Neko but with way more time and way more experience. And zero budget.

Gameplay of Warcat Parade

Of course, I wrote a short story. Mankind extincted. Now, there is worse. You are Lumi, a catboy, thrown into a semi-futiristic Nîmes to save your sister from the dictatorship of the atrocious Viper!

It's bullet hell time!

This is my first game, the first one I am doing all by myself and I truly hope you’ll enjoy this! You know, Touhou Project has always been an influence for me and ZUN is literally my model. For Warcat Parade, I swallowed a lot of trigonometry, coffee and pizza. Also, I made the game with hand-crafted music and pixel art! I used Deflemask to make the chiptune music and Aseprite to make every pixel art! I also used BitFontMaker to make the custom fonts!

An unhappy Toro.

You want to listen to the soundtrack, eh? You can listen it and even buy it here!

Are you hardcore enough?

I made this game with love and passion! Check it here!

Steam release will come later and this page will be updated then!


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