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Fox girl attack animation in pixel art.

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Fox girl attack animation in pixel art.

Nyan, nyan, wan wan wan!

Hello-nyan, good people. How is your day? Or your night? Or your morning? Or hell knows what, I don’t know, I just need to make a good introduction sentence to keep you engaged. Well, let’s talk about development and pixel art.

Now the development of Warcat Parade is ended, I can move forward. Finally! But is it really the end? Well, of course not, because I have stuff to learn, especially in pixel art. I need to learn how to make better pixel art. I am following a course on this topic. So far, I finished the beginner section and here I am with, this fox girl doing a sword swing attack. I use Udemy to learn my stuff, I am taking an excellent pixel art course held by Mislav. What is really impressive is that this course also grants you an access to a private Discord server, with a surprisingly supportive community.

Fox girl attack animation in pixel art
Fox girl attack animation

It’s really basic. An animation attack on a canvas of 48 pixels per 48, all within 4 frames. I did this with Aseprite. Simple. Basic. You know, back then, I just purchased Aseprite to draw mazes in another way. Finally, I have actually more than 1000 hours of using Aseprite in the count. In the beginning, I used Paint dot net – yes I know, that’s ugly as heck. When I do pixel art, I really need a layer feature. A complete beginner won’t understand anything at first, but basically, without this crucial feature, none can do anything. That allow every pixel artist to be spared of hours of useless works and nervous breakdowns. Of course, that won’t prevent some to draw on the wrong layer – that happens to everyone.

Okay, I won’t type a lot of texts, what matters is the progress I did. Off I go to the intermediate section of the pixel art course! See you later!


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