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February 2024: wrap it up!

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February 2024: wrap it up!

Hi good neko boys, hi good neko girls! I hope you’re doing fine! As for me, I was productive as hell recently! Before I showcase the portfolio of February, let’s soft-talk about positivity. To have ejected some negative ones from my surroundings helped me a lot, to have started a diary about everything positive helped me even more! That’s good for morale, that’s good for spirit, therefore that’s also good for creativity. Better warn you, this article will be extremely consistent. Are you ready ?

Ce sont des badges "I love catboys" !

Aren’t my badges so cute? I sell them in packs of ten, and you can purchase your pack on my Ko-Fi! I designed them in pixel art and I used the Camaloon, a Spanish website – Their website had been badly coded, which generated a lot of misunderstandings, but at least I received the badges. Yey!

Un mockup très simple pour un jeu de plateforme !

Let’s start the hostilities with some pixel art shall we? Some years ago, I started a paid course – paid but really exhaustive – in order to sharpen my skills in pixel art. That’s true : when I look at my first pieces of pixel artworks, it doesn’t take a genius to see I clearly progressed. Therefore, here is a small mockup for a 2D platformer game, also drawn with Aseprite.

Ao de Disgaea 7 en pixel art !

I swear, this post is not sponsored by Aseprite. Otherwise, Disgaea 7 is clearly the game of the year 2023 in my opinion – yep, better than Octopath Traveler II for me !-, here is a fanart of Ao! You know, this is the archetype of “the kawaii loli girl hard to hire but who one-hit-KO all the metagame”.

Okay, I think that’s enough pixel art for now. Did you know that I already do cosplay? Well, more or less, eh. As a hobbyist. I purchase my outfits and I don’t craft. To be frank I have not enough time for that. I just crafted talismans and the amulet. So! Here is a gallery of me, cosplaying as Reimu Hakurei, from the Touhou Project franchise, developed by ZUN. Yep, of course I had to talk about this franchise since my game is strongly inspired by its gameplay!

Yep, I did that in my bedroom. I have neither a green background nor Photoshop, at least I have curiosity and creativity! Cosplay allowed me to earn some self-confidence, no matter what we could say about that. It got my interest at first during the first lockdown of 2020, when I was stuck in Ecully, in a nice home… Nice but dark.

Okay, I guess starting from here your attention dropped down, as a consequence I’ll get straight to the point cause your time is precious and so is mine. There will be an update for Warcat Parade!

Il y aura du nouveau sur Warcat Parade :

I am actually doing the last fixes before launching the game on Steam. Amongst the suggestions that have been made, I selected: “Focus should be a hold, not a toggle”. And guess what? That’s done now! I also made a great cleanup of the source code. I also added particles (ooooh, that’s beautifuuuul!) and I am actually iterating the global art design, since some backgrounds are a bit blank.

Le logo de Hefka est maintenant animé !

I remade my logo as an animated version and I also remade the trollface, eh. I made them with Aseprite. Who laughed?

J'ai redessiné le trollface en pixel art !

Now all I need to do is to showcase my last chiptune track!

Phew, talk about a productive month! Well, dear nekomata, that’s all folks! And if you want to know more about Warcat Parade, all you have to do is to check the game page !


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