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Fake Girl

Hi people, time for a break. This is a harsh text about these superficial persons. Anyways, you can read all my texts here.

Fake Girl
Fake Girl

You’re a counterfeit, sell your picture and I won’t buy it
You talk about positivity but you ain’t applying shit
So superficial, become what everyone wants you to be
Talking about future while being the queen of cringe
Hide your negative feelings when you’re not alone
I see thought your fake smiles, you can’t lure me
Talking about entrepreneurship for a better world
Excuse me fake girl but this world doesn’t need you.

When will you understand we all have a dark side
My eyes have seen what happens when you deny it
You’re too brainwashed to be clean and you know it
You’re not someone to trust, you’re someone to despise
I might be hardcore with my autism and my way of speech
But at least I remain authentic and true to myself
You stomped on your own dreams to become what you are
You think you’re so different, but in reality you’re the same

You’re a fake girl, you think you’re so unique and different
But in reality, you’re just a copy of a copy of a copy
You’re a fake girl, you think you’re so unique and different
Talk about empathy but you’re always « me, me, me, me, me ».

I’m tired of living with this web of lies where everyone is interchangeable
Everyone tries to become anyone, become anything except yourself
I don’t care about the trends, I couldn’t care less about what you say
You can’t be saved, there is nothing that could be done about you
There are a lot of things I hate about this world and you’re one of them
I’ll never betray myself, I’ll never forsake my own convictions
So despise me all you want, you can hate me, I am getting used of it
I talk about truth, let me tell you one: I despise and hate you more.

You’re a fake girl.

© Hefka

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