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Elyza (original character) : first glimpse!

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Elyza (original character) : first glimpse!

[ Content Warning : Hentai ] Everybody can read this article since no explicit picture is shown, but at least you have been warned.

Greetings, good boys and girls!

All work and no play makes Hefka a dull nekopunk, duh. Anyways, since Warcat Parade is almost finished, I started to think about my next project.

First things first : it will be a H-Game.

So, before I am going further: I already an animation featuring Elyza in a H situation. Of course, since this website is supposed to be suitable for everyone, I won’t post these drawings here. I even made a soft dakimakura. Just so you can rest peacefully: I won’t post NSFW pieces of artwork here. Most of us loves that but that’s not the right place. About the chara design of Elyza, it will be for a future post!

The second reason I won’t submit them is the same reason why I hate spoilers when I read a book or watch an anime. What is the point to play a H-Game if you can unlock all the “ocitocine generator” content in 5 minutes? In fact, I admit it: I might be soft and tender, but my dark side is really, really perverted. My dark side has the nickname “Äefyekaaos”. Well, what I mean is, I played a lot of H-Games and I found two problems I want to solve.

Hey, my background is full of hearts lolz!

The problem with H-Games

The first thing I don’t like in these kind of games is mostly the quality of the gameplay. I mean, I think a good H-Game should remain a good game even when you remove the H content. I won’t mention any game here, but there are a lot of games made with RPG Maker, with the default RTP, and most of them are not fun at all to play. Not exciting either.

The second thing I don’t like is actually the H content. There are soft things, there are sensitive things, there are hard things and there are the “borderline” category, and the problematic content. I want to avoid the problematic content. Firstly cause this is traumatizing and then to stay in the law. I won’t detail either, some stuff are way too hardcore and I am not talking about the tentacles, trust me, there is way worse. So the next game will be mostly sex-positive. Truth been told : this is not a contest to see who has the most depraved spirit. In this playground, the Marquis de Sade already has a flawless victory.

And finally, it will be the opportunity to switch from Unity to Godot, finally. Long life Godot!

And if you’re interested into my pixel art, you can check my works here.

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