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Disgaea 7, training drawing

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Disgaea 7, training drawing

Hello, good people. This is a fanart of Disgaea 7, drawn by me. Disgaea belong to Nippon Ichi Software and that’s cool, nyan.

About the drawing

I’ll be honest, it took me hours to draw something like that and I really don’t like the result. I am taking an useful pixel art course and I just finished the beginner section or the course. I have to practice more, so this drawing is clearly a training drawing. The canvas is 128 pixels per side, excepted for the texts. But hey, I totally love this game.

About Disgaea 7

This is my game of the year. At first, I would have given this title to Octopath Traveler II, since the first one was not perfect. The second game was clearly way above the first one. Finally, I am a rebel and gave the title of “my game of the year” to Disgaea 7, even with its cons. Of course, it looks like a carbon copy of all the previous Disgaea, but this is a neat upgrade of the sixth, which was clearly weak.

Disgaea 7 fanart, training drawing
Disgaea 7 fanart, training drawing

Soft talk

I finished the development of Warcat Parade. Now I am resting a bit and then I will, as stated before, continue the pixel art course. I can take it easy now and I won’t resist to the call to rest. I spat a lot of venom recently since I worked too much. I have to try gratitude, cause I’m angry about the fact that I’m angry and I’m tired of being tired. Also, I continue my Japanese lessons. maybe, some day, I’ll write articles fully in Japanese. Let’s believe it… にほんごをべんきょうしましょう!(Yeah, my keyboard don’t have kanji so deal with it for now!)

Did you play Disgaea? What is your fav game? Also, did you know there were also an anime featuring Laharl, Etna and Flonne? And if you’re interested about my pixel art, check the portfolio here!


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