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Development of Warcat Parade 95% done!

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Development of Warcat Parade 95% done!

Hello, good boys and girls! This is Hefka, your local catboy! Let’s talk about Warcat Parade!

You know, people tells I am too antipathetic when I am becoming too honest, and to be perfectly honest, that’s not my problem. First things first : I don’t have to be perfect, I don’t need to befriend everyone and I don’t look for your validation. My role is to make games, not to be your friend.

This is Sunday. These last weeks I decided to put me in crunch. Yes I know, that’s usually not a good idea for physical health. Also, my social life has become really awkward. First of all, have you heard of Lyon? An Eastern French town I lived years ago. I have some networking here. Well, actually, I had. Things went wrong and I burnt the bridges for diverse reasons. That’s life. Okay, time to move on a better topic.

Warcat Parade, v0.7.0

Demo of Warcat Parade updated to v0.7.0 ><

That’s right, the Mosh Pit! And icing of the cake, this is available for both Windows, Linux and MacOSX! Of course, this is the demo version so you will only be able to play the first level. But hey, since the last version, I made tons and tons and tons of updates, starting with design! I entirely redrawn most of the foes, I added some dopamine induction (lol) when you kill bosses!

Behind the scenes, I can tell that the level design of the complete game is now done! There will be 6 levels and 6 bosses. All I need to do is the ending scene. This is coded but not drawn. Then, I’ll just have to chase some bugs. I’ll be able to release the game in alpha test afterwards! ^_^

Gameplay of Warcat Parade
This is not yet a bullet hell…

For those who drop here by any chance, Warcat Parade will be a bullet hell made solo. In order to set the keywords directly : Nîmes, catboy, bullet hell, kawaii, post-apocalyptic. >< You can already download the demo just right here, on itch!

Okay, that’s it for now! See you one month later for the alpha release ^_^.


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