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Decorated house for Christmas challenge.

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Decorated house for Christmas challenge.

Hi, good people!

I’m pretty anxious these times. There are a lot of things that are disturbing in the real world and I try to not overthink about it. Talk about a way to start the month of December. Did you ever feel it? You want to be happy and enjoy life, but h00mans will forever be h00mans and stomp each other for nothing. I don’t even think I have the power to change the world since life is not a fairy tale. Not even my video games will change something about that fact. Not even Warcat Parade.

Speaking about Warcat Parade.

I made a playtest. I took a resting week to… Well, to rest. And now I found a lot of bugs. I planned to release the game December 8th, but I might delay it since I detected multiple major bugs. The good thing about it is, I finally finished the main story of Disgaea 7 : Vows of the Virtueless. Yey.

Well, about pixel art.

Christmas is, indeed, christian. And hey, I’m not christian. Anyway, I guess we needed a cheerful feast to bypass the rough winterly weather. Talk about a rough climate. Here in the Southern France, weather is not that cold. With everything happening in the real world, my Weltschmerz is striking again and Äefyekaaos is happy as heck. I feel sad for Palestine and I can’t even express it. What am I to change something? And what do these tyrants from Israël and viper tongues think they are, to repress people? Merry Christmas my ass! How am I supposed to have a “Merry Christmas” when I read what I read in the news?

Mème about Free Palestine
Free palestine

About the pixel art, I made this for a challenge held on a Discord server focused on pixel art. The challenge was to draw a house decorated for Christmas, with the following restrictions :

24 colors maximum.
A canvas of 160 per 90 pixels.

Okay, I’m sad and I don’t like this end of the year. That’s paradoxal, since a lot of good stuff happened this year. See you later.


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