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Cirntember and Kinktober 2023, letsa go!

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Cirntember and Kinktober 2023, letsa go!

Hello, good people! How are you?

The summer ends here. I hate summer, this is the period of the year where I do depression. Also, a lot of heavy stuff fell onto my head. But hey, no one cares cause now we are in September and new stuff is happening!

Cirntember 2023

My pixel art are still lacking and I decided to take the Cirntember challenge to get better. I wrote these lines in September 5th 2023 and I already completed the first four days!

Pixel art of Cirno

I draw this cute baka ice fairy yesterday. To be honest, I’m kinda happy with it, but it didn’t get a lot of feedbacks. 26 days to go! For those of you who aren’t Touhou-neds, Cirno is a surprisingly popular character from the franchise. She is cute, she is stupid, she is smart, she’s the idio ice fairy and she became an internet meme!

She is also one of my videoludic crushes. Everyone around is doing the Swordtember but I would rather take the Cirntember challenge. Let’s be honest, my biggest video game crush is Neptune, alias Nep-Nep, from Neptunia franchise because pudding and because I love her. I plan to cosplay her one day or the other one.

Me as Reimu - Incomplete

This is meh as Reimu.

I work with Aseprite to do my pixel arts. Now, let’s talk about the Kinktober.

TRIGGER WARNING, starting from here, I will talk about NSFW and harsh topics.

Kinktober 2023

How to put it properly.

The Kinktober is a writing challenge. as you can guess it, we have to write about NSFW topics, once per day. We have a pool of three topics from where to choose one, once per day, from 1st to 30th. The final day is a total freestyle where we can do everything we want.

Let me tell you, this year, they went hard. I mean, they went really hard. Just look at the prompts.

They really want to test the hardcore side of the chiptune nekopunk? Bring it on, bitches. You don’t know my fucking dark side and you don’t know shit about me. I can go hard when I write. I mean it, really. I’ll publish the results on my personal website. Just wait for it.

Since I feel barely capable of taking two challenges back to back, I took some advance for the Kinktober and I wrote the first four chapiters. See you later! My story will be called “Wonderland Park”.

I write since I am 17. And I am almost 35 at this time. That’s half my life. I started the development of video games way later, in 2015. Let me tell, my writings are usually the antichamber of my universe. For my world is colorful and full of joy, what lies in my lines are just chaos and total depravation. And let me tell you, you’re not ready to read what I am writing for you. By the way, I write mostly in French since this is my native tongue. Apologies!

Okay, that’s all folks! See you later! And check my pixel artworks!


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