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Chocola (NekoPara) – A pixel fanart

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Chocola (NekoPara) – A pixel fanart

Nya-nyan !

Greetings, good nekoboys and nekogirls! I hope you like neko cause this is all about catboys and catgirls here! What you see just above is a pixel fanart of Chocola, from the erotic visual novel NekoPara. I drawn this pixel fanart during May 2023. I used the software Aseprite.

That’s all for now folks! I’m tired of being tired and I don’t want to put a ton of text just in order to say nothing.

Pixel fanart of Chocola, drawn by myself
Chocola, from Nekopara, fanart by myself

About NekoPara

That’s a eroge. Many episodes have been released on Steam, I purchased the episodes 1 and 2. You know what is funny? I didn’t finished the first game and I still have not started the second one. I am not really fond of visual novel games, I just wanted to laugh a bit. And also, because catgirls. Don’t ask.

However, my idea to draw Chocola was not originally thanks to this game. In fact, in April 2023, I took part of the MangaNîmes, a convention about asian pop-culture that took place in… Well, in Nîmes. How could I manage to write such stupid articles. What I wanted to say is that I met a duo of cosplayers, one was cosplaying Vanilla, the other was cosplaying Chocola. That’s cool and that gave me the idea.

So, I used Aseprite. A simple background in green with some hearts, I drew Chocola, the cheerful catgirl, on a layer above.

Hey, you like pixel art?

Of course you do! If you want to check my other pixel artworks, please check my other drawings in the pixel art category! Also, if you’re an experimented pixel artist, or if you have pro-tips to give me, gimme gimme gimme! One of the multiple goals of this website is to learn and progress, not just to showcase!


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