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Animated mockup for a 2D platformer

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Animated mockup for a 2D platformer

Hi, people. How are you? Hefka here, and I’m here to showcase my latest pixel art drawing. That’s just a simple mockup for a basic platformer, but it’s animated! I’m not really in a good mood these times, so let’s do some soft talk.

Some soft talk because no one reads.

What a weird semester I just had. From what happens in my private life to what happens in the real world, it seems like everything is upside down. I don’t even know if I have a chance to survive if I stay too kind, what I had to say recently is a proof. So here, I burned the bridges with some of my video game development network based in Lyon, France, because I sincerely hate them and I could write an entire article to say how much I despise them, but that’s not really professional and to be honest I have things more interesting to do. So just let it sink and so we can move to a better subject.

A mockup for a platformer
Animated mockup for a platformer

Hey, check my mockup!

Here is an animated mockup for a 2D platformer. I finished the “beginner” section of the course about pixel art. Now I attack the “intermediate” section and I just learned how to make a cohesive color palette. That’s not that easy, so I tried to make a “colorful sugar world” for this mockup.

During the next lesson, I’ll learn how to make tiles. Real tiles, cause right now I am doing tiles just with feeling. Hey, look, these coins are so shiny, I guess they make a “bling bling” sound when you collect them and your brain has its dose of dopamine! And there are evn deadly spikes and crumbling platforms!

Gosh, we’re already in December. Time flies. Take care of you and stay safe. Nyan.

You can check my other pixel artworks, if you really want to!


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