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Äefyekaaos – This is Alt-Dark-Techno-Metal!

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Äefyekaaos – This is Alt-Dark-Techno-Metal!

Hello, good boys and girls!

When I am writing this article, we just entered 2024. If you happen to read this article by then, well, I wish you a good year. Dev peeps, please never work for free and get paid for your work, that’s important!

Let’s start with a good new. I’m about to release “Äefyekaaos” on Spotify, some tracks of pure Alt-Dark-Techno-Metal! Actually, these are listenable and downloadable for free on BandCamp, so just grab them and run! As you can see, I’m not only focused on chiptune, I can also make enraged music. The term “Alt-Dark-Techno-Metal” was given to me by a jammer while I was taking part to a sound jam! It was an interesting jam. I thought I was skilled, however, I ended 88th out of 120. My ego has been shut down and that’s nice. Just remember that there will always be someone better than you.

What’s next?

For the soft-talk, my first cosplay, Reimu Hakurei from Touhou Project, is now finished. I received the shoes and the wig and that’s cool. Now I have a lot to learn.

Also, I plan to study harder this year. I will study Japanese language all single day of the year – if I fall sick, just a vocabulary lesson will do the trick – and I will make my transition from Unity to Godot. Let’s start with a single idle game with no pretention!

Me as Reimu

You know, that’s what I wanted to say. But 2024 has started the wrong way for me. I need to rethink my planning and to so something else. As you can say, my cosplay of Reimu, from Touhou, is way better with a wig and the appropriate accessories. I am still in the video game industry, but I am actually working on a top secret project. I’ll get you in touch in a future article.

Okay, that’s all! Take care, peeps!


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