Hefka Games


Oooh that’s me! Picture by FOKUZA!

Heyo, the name is Franck, I am 35 and I hail from Nîmes, in the Southern France.

I have a strong passion for video games and music. I started as an indie developer. I am actually working on Warcat Parade and learning how to make pixel art the hard way.

I played guitar in Fragmets of Insanity, a local experimental Metal band. I had a solo side-project, known as Asperger Kommando. This project has been renamed Frelon-K, then Hefka, before becoming my main activity. After a lot of experimentations, I decided to took some music theory lessons, along with learning how to play piano.

Also, the catboy is a critically endangered specy and so am I. We were hunted down during the WWII, mostly because of the T4 program. As an Aspie and a HIP, I proudly raise my catboy flag. I want to make the world a more melodic place before the day I extinct. And maybe to help some game dev studios with their soundtracks.

I was once a game developer, but I can’t be a swiss knife. My place is in music. I made some crappy RPGs and a rushed shoot’em up known as Last Neko. And that’s cool.

You have just read my biography. Congratulations! Happy stalking.