A dedicated page is born for NekoPunk! \m/

Who the hell is Hefka?

Hello, you! If you are reading this page, that's because you want to know me more, or maybe you're just a stalker ;).

I am called Hefka, thought my real name is Franck Poulhon. I am born in Nîmes, in the Southern France, during September 1988. Since I was a kid, I had a strong passion for everything related to computing and video games. So I grew up and learned by myself how to make video games.

Long story short, I was working on a project called NekoPunk. Alone, like a warrior. However, I realized afterwards that even if I can perfectly craft the game all by myself, it would be too time-consuming and tiring. Therefore, I decided to focus on music composition.

I work mostly with DefleMask for chiptune-related stuff and Ableton for non-chiptune related stuff. Obviously. I admit it, started to craft music lately, with an electric guitar, for a band called Fragments of Insanity. We made our weird EP just before splitting up in January 2018.

I started to take lessons on music theory and on piano. I started to work intensively on Computer-Assisted Music Making. Here I am, an eternal learned, ready to make music, ready to cover the world with my bleeps and my bloops. I hope I'll see you around soon !

© Franck alias Hefka