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2024 : Something new + Äefyekaaos released !

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2024 : Something new + Äefyekaaos released !

Greetings, good people!

2023 has been a tough year. I told you that some news things will occur this year. To those who are new here, I finished the development of Warcat Parade, my own bullet hell, in December 2023. I might fix some bugs and do minor updates to the game, but the project has finally reached the v1!


Nope, sorry to deceive you, you pervs, but I’m not gonna switch my gender to F. So why am I talking about transition? That’s simple. Now I finished my first long-time project, I can think carefully about my situation. I love to write. In fact, I love imaginary universes. Recetly, in addition to study Japanese more seriously, I started to read more oftenly.

All I want to say is that I am starting a new big project that will keep Hefka Games busy for all the year of 2024, at least. At this time, this is top secret. However, you can easily guess what am I talking about, so that’s not really a secret!

Am I writing a fantasy novel?

Well, actually, that’s the case. At first, I wanted to spend 2024 to study pixel art, Godot Engine and make a sex-positive hentai game, but I have other plans instead. I am preparing the writing of a fantasy novel. Not a video game, a novel. Even tho I write stuff (link in French) since I am 17 (I am actually 35), my comfort zone is mostly sociopolitical stuff and poetry. So I’m not a veteran of maxi-format. That will be a challenge. And, huh. Challenge accepted, like the good ol’ meme said.

Actually, nothing has been concretely written. Despite my anarchic behaviour and my bad habit to improvize stuff, I need to make a written plan, to know my characters, my universe, the action that will take place. If I don’t mess with my planning, I should start the writing of the novel by March. Be patient, nyan !

Cover de Äefyekaaos

My chiptune audio packs

If you like chiptune, you can check my first chiptune audio pack you can purchase and use for your game. This link lead to Unity Asset Store, however, if you’d prefer the RPG Maker DLC version, please check the corresponding link within my LinkTree. A second DLC pack will be released in April. It should cost you 15 bucks and will contain 30 hand-made tracks. I’ll keep you in touch!

Äefyekaaos has been released!

This is Alt-Dark-Techno-Metal with the name of my dark side. And that’s cool! If you want to support me without dropping money, listen to my tracks is the best way you can do it!


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