2023, July 22th – Warcat Parade

Hello, everyone. The development of Warcat Parade is taking more time than I expected. It’s not a lie when they say game development is always ten times longer than you expect at first.

Last Neko – Sequel?

Let me tell you. Four years ago, I made Last Neko in three weeks time. it was for the catboy/girl game jam, a dead game jam held on itch.io. I had less experience than nowadays and the game was clearly rushed. I thought Warcat Parade could be bone in such a short time.

Well. I finally scaled it to a full-time project. So I want it to be as good as possible. With no rush. I take the time that I take to remake the sprites, revamp the design, etc etc.

So about Warcat Parade today.

I almost finished the level design. The soundtrack has been done. I am actually coding the final boss, I made half of his phases. The, I’ll have to finish the pixel art and redo the sprites of every foe. Then I will have to do the dreadful « introduction » and « ending » scenes. argh say hello to pixel art.

Off topic.

I am playing a lot these times. I am spending my time playing Octopath Traveler II, by Square Enix.

Not only it calm my mind, but it also aloows my brain to chill and think about something else. Remeber to have breaks everyone, your brain need it.

Still a lot to learn

This is a set of small characters I did to practice pixel art. I am actually following an excellent tutorial to draw better pixel art. Here is where I am today. The next step will be to learn how to animate 32 per 32 characters. I take the time that I have to take to deliver the best Warcat Parade possible.

Okay, see you soon.


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